Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula

Trips in Vela Luka

Fishing village Gradina

On a short trip to the port of Gradina, which belongs to the land of Vela Luka you can go by boat, by car, by bike along the bike trail, or stroll along the path around the coast. In Gradina is a renowned fish restaurant and unlimited swimming is possible on the beach and adjacent islands.

Mala Kapelica by Karmen in Poplatu

The old chapel in the beautiful seaside village in Poplat. A trip can be combined with bathing chapel near the bay and in the evening you can watch the beautiful sunsets

Swimming in the bay Plitvine

The bay on the left side Velaluškého Gulf, where is located Hotel Adria. The most romantic place in the sun Vela Luka with its sandy beaches and pine trees. In this bay almost annually docks his yacht one of the richest men Roman Abramovich.

Olive plantations

In 2012, the newly created several hectares on the western side of the island of Korcula Vela Luka on the Land olive plantations. There were planted several thousand young olive tree. About plantations is another small romantic bays. Trip suitable for cyclists.