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CROATIA joined the European Union

Today sees the European Union extends another member – Croatia.

Number of member countries rose to 28th After Slovenia is the second former Yugoslav republic which meet the conditions of EU membership.
Historically, the biggest EU enlargement by ten countries, including the Czech Republic, in May 2004 was accompanied by another banging champagne, but even then it was clear to many that the “United States of Europe” probably just will not be built.

Cracks in this project, the first enlargement in 1973 looked promising, the marrow revealed the global financial crisis.

The official part of the celebrations began on Sunday at 23:00, a part of the outcomes of actors and other artists. At midnight Zagreb large lighted fireworks, and there was Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, the informal anthem of the EU. Entry into the Union was celebrated in the center of Zagreb, several thousand people, including three dozen heads of state.