Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula
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Pirate trip for two wonderful islands. We drove in the 9th 10th throw from the Hotel Posejdon and the 9th 20th hour from the ferry port. In the 9th 35th by Adria Hotel.

First stop is the island Osjak which is forested park. Stop on the island takes 2 hours.

In the 12 00 we leave the island Osjak on a panoramic cruise around the high cliffs Vranine, then around the pirate caves around confusing the smallest island in the Mediterranean and the island Čanir.

We continue sailing the open sea until the canal between the pearl of the Adriatic island Proizd and the island of Korcula.

Proizd circumnavigating the entire island and see the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic from the ship, where you swim and take a break 4 hours
The island Proizd we return to Vela Luka.

The price includes
Breakfast / sandwich, ham, cheese
Lunch / fish, meat, salad, mineral water
Dessert / melon
Wine, orange, unlimited