Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula

Island of Proizd

The most beautiful beaches in Croatia in 2007 and 2012

Proizd Island is one of the most beautiful small islands that you can find in Croatia. It is renowned for its amazing blue color of the sea. It is located near the island of Korcula in the southern part of Croatia and descended on it daily especially guests of Vela Luka.

On the island you can go for a day or half-day trip to the local shipping, which did not always meet your schedule, but you have no other choice than to rely on them.

The island with beautiful nature

This island is exclusively designed for fun in the water. You can find beautiful swim, swim or snorkel. The island is a kind of swimming pool where very clean beaches, which are covered with fine pebbles or stones. Outside the beach there is a stunning view of the surrounding countryside coves and clear seawater, which is clear and free of hedgehogs.

The distribution of island

When they arrived to the pier, you can now go explore the island, which includes several different beaches, walking through wooded pine grove, where thousands of screaming cicadas.

Each of them is located at the other end of the island, but if you want, you can catch a pass out all in less than half an hour. One of these is a nude beach.


On the island you have a lot of options you can choose a quiet place in the shade under the trees, sunbathe on the beach, swim or simply lie back and relax. You can go wherever you want, just do not be late for boarding your ship.


If you want to taste something good, right at the pier is a small restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish, pasta or just plain pancakes. You have a choice of different kinds of fish and other specialties.