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Throughout its history, Lumbarda was a region of overlap of different peoples and cultures. Based on current knowledge, the first inhabitants were the Illyrians, who ruled the island during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Their artefacts are mainly the graves and strategic stone stacks, concentrated primarily in the western areas of Lumbarda.

With intrusion of Greek interest in the Adriatic, the island emerged from historical anonymity to become known as Korkyra Melaina (Black Korkyra). To Greeks, this area was of great importance, because at the Black Corcyra they have raised even two of its colonies. The later colony was founded in the 3rd century, in Lumbarda. Witness of this historic event is the most famous and most ancient stone inscription found on the Croatian soil. This is a Lumbardian “Psephisma” held by the Zagreb Archeological Museum. The decree details are those of the founding of the colony. The text, among other things, reveals that the Lumbardian colony was founded by Greeks from the island of Issa, todays Vis, based on previous contracts with the local representatives of the Illyrians, Pilos and his son Daz.

Lumbardska psefizmaLUMBARDSKA PSEFIZMA was found at the top of the hill Koludrt, where probably once stood the town of Issa. To the south, in the Sutivan, there was a necropolis colony from which Greek vases, now stored at the City Museum in Korčula, originated. Greek colonization marked the beginning of the end of the Illyrian era on Korčula, but their real downfall was at the Roman emperor Octavian invasion, 35 years before Christ.

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