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Exclusive Star Wars in Dubrovnik: Main Street Landspeeder Crash

Star Wars Episode VIII filming in Dubrovnik goes on with new additions to the sets emerging on regular basis.

Main Street, one of the most important locations in the city is still open to the public during the morning and early afternoon, whether this will continue throughout the filming we don’t know.

In the meantime, fans from all over the world and all over Croatia are flocking to the city to be a part of the fantasy for a day at least. We are in contact with many of them and some are nice enough to send us their photos to use.

The ones we got just a moment ago were sent in by a fan from Croatian city of Pozega, and they show a landspeeder that’s probably going to be crashed into one of the prop wall pillars. Pillars with various degrees of damage were set up along the Main Street and now we know why. More info


Crashed landspeeder on Dubrovnik Main Street, photo Domagoj Pandzic

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Behind the scenes glimpse of the filming of Star Wars VIII in Dubrovnik, Croatia. A stuntman flies through the air near the Dominican Monastery in Dubrovnik in preparation for the big event.


Star Wars Dubrovnik photos