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Hvar wines among the medals, as Sabatina 2013 ends in Croatia

With the emergence of Croatian wine on the international scene, the focus shifted to the island of Hvar for Sabatina 2103.

Basking in the late October sun on Croatia’s premier and sunniest islands, the 23rd meeting of the nationally important Sabatina wine conference concluded in Hvar Town on October 26, 2013, an event attended by Digital Journal.

The four-day event, which held its first meeting in 1991, is growing in both size and importance, and is a chance for the wine community to discuss, debate, taste and recognise its premier producers.
This year’s event was hosted at Hotel Amfora in Hvar Town, the island’s largest hotel, and one which has hosted events as diverse as a national fishing conference and the Ultra Europe music festival, in addition to its normal tourism duties. More info
The winners of the main categories of Sabatina 2013:

Champion of Red Wines– Zlatan plavac grand cru berba 2010. (Zlatan otok – Hvar)

Champion of White Wines – Pošip „Marko Polo“ berba 2012. (PZ Čara – Korčula)

Champion of Sweet Wines– Traminac mirisavi, kasna berba, izbor svih bobica berba 2011. (Erdutski vinogradi)

Champion of Strong Alcohol Drinks – „Jaguar“ biljni liker (Maraska d.d. (Zadar)

Champion of Presentation – Grk Bire berba 2012. (Frano Milina Bire – Lumbarda)

Best Cooperative Wine – Cabernet sauvignon 2011. (PZ Maslina i vino – Polača)

Best Open Red Wine – Merlot berba 2013. (Tomislav Glavić – Benkovac)

Best Open White Wine – Pošip berba 2013. (Josip Žuvela, OPG Hora – Hvar)