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Korkyra Baroque Festival

The Korkyra Baroque Festival is a recently-established international music festival.

Now in its second year, it will run from 7-13 September 2013. Once again, the Festival will offer a rich baroque experience in impressive culture heritage venues on the island of Korčula. Concerts will be held over the course of seven days, in addition to a varied entertainment program and lectures related to baroque music.

The Korkyra Baroque Festival was declared a success both in Croatia and abroad when it was held for the first time last year. Due to this success, the most prominent ensembles and soloists specialising in baroque music from Croatia and around the world will once again perform at this event: Arte dei suonatori (Poland), Odhecaton (Italy), Dialogos (France),Imaginarium (Italy), Suonar Cantando (Great Britain), Igor Davidovics (Hungary), Enrico Onofri (Italy) and the Croatian Baroque Ensemble (Croatia).

The Festival has not only artistic importance but is also valuable in that it helps to promote Croatian tourism. The Korkyra Baroque Festival’s offers music of an exceptional standard, attracting tourists from all over the world and enriching the cultural offering of Korčula for tourists. The concerts promote Korčula’s churches as cultural heritage, as well as the entire island as a unique architectural complex.

Artistic Director: Saša Britvić

Producer: Tihana Jokić

Marketing & Sales:
Tania Unsworth

Editor of festival publications: Maja Veža