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Parking payment VIA SMS

In Croatia, the attention paid to car parks. The guards in yellow T-shirt lurking. Just stretch a quarter of an hour parking and the car has booted. Czech tourists prefer to pay extra money unnecessarily.

Croatia pioneers set high parking payment by mobile phone. The system, called m-parking there is very widespread. It was first introduced back in 2001 Zagreb, today it is used across 35 cities. Maybe in Dubrovnik over the phone will charge 75 percent of the charges for parking. For tourists from the Czech Republic to the hitch: pay parking fee goes only from the Croatian telephone number.

“Parking is possible to apply to foreign vehicles, but only of the Croatian phone numbers,” says Croatian National Tourist Board. According to information However, at the government level is the fact that the payment of parking in Croatia as well as opening for foreign operators.
Croatian National Tourist Board for found that “phone package”, which calls for often buy on the site of Czech tourists from Croatian operator, payment of parking permits.