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Prigradica Aerial 4K video

Prigradica is a small fishing town surrounded by old vineyards and olive groves on the northwestern coast of the island of Korcula, 4 km away from Blato, 12 km from Vela Luka, and 45 km from the city of Korcula.


Prigradica, one of the earliest inhabited bays on the island, was established as an exporting harbor for the respected wine and olive oil from nearby Blato. It has many ancient stone houses so it is obvious that Prigradica has preserved the authentic rustic enviroment from days long gone.

Prigradica today is solely a tourist place for a comfortable and peaceful rest. A large waterfront dominates the bay with a mole which was built during the reign of Austria-Hungary. Entertainment and sports facilities include rocky and pebble beaches, restaurants, cafe bars, soccer fields, basketball, and sand volleyball. Since

Korcula is a forested and mountainous island, Prigradica is an excellent starting place for trekking and bicycle routes around the island. The surrounding villages, untouched for centuries, are a unique experience of returning to the past.


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