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Season in Croatia After a bad start staged a recovery

Two weeks ago it seemed that season in Croatia goes wrong.
The only one who reports the real growth is in large cities. Maybe Split.

“We had several years in a row we have an increase of 10 percent. When we compared the cities with the same category, ie to a million and 500,000 overnight stays, we had five years in the first place, as regards the increase in the number of overnight stays.

So Split as the transit node in the tourist destination. We hope that this year we get to number 300,000 visitors who sleeps eight hundred thousand times, “believes Director of Tourist Organization in Split Vedran Matosica.
Especially at a time when tourism has stagnated, Croatia is trying to get rid of things that are bothering guests.

Still as usual, it offers accommodation right on the street, at the train station, on the road. In Split preparing such a way to disable reservation.

According to the owner of several apartments in Split Ljubomir Blazevic to be long since past.

“Host, who sees a sign, not a clue about where it can. On the internet you pictures of the house, its map, route description. In short, everything a guest wants to know. While the guest when a lady grabs the station, it does not level and it should be long behind us, “said Blazevic.