Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula


Excellent wine and knightly games

The largest inland city on the island of Korcula, while the second largest on the island at all (4,100 pop.). Blato is the road from Korcula to Vela Luka, 38 km west from the town of Korcula, 4 km from the sea

The city is spread over the edge of a very fertile Blata polje (polje Blatské), where the grapes are grown and southern crops. During tours, visitors usually buy excellent local wines. Blato is the economic center of the island of Korcula.

Prostrannému beautiful square dominated by the Baroque style medieval church of All Saints (swing Svetih) with valuable decorations in the interior, especially in the chapel. Vincencie (Sveta Vicenza), the patron Blata. In the middle of the square a large urban renaissance loggia (gradska Loža).

Valuable building is still on the outskirts of Renaissance-Baroque palace Arnerićů families, today Ethnographic Museum (Zavičajni muzej).

There are few surviving medieval churches, such as St. Martin and St. Michael (14th century.).

The square is the well-known local traditional chivalrous game kumpanija in which local young men, militia, show off their readiness to fight to defend his home and family.