Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula


Healing mud in the bay Istruga and romantic beaches

Small town and quite deep bay on the southern coast of the island of Korcula, 4 km inland from the village Smokvica, which is a port of Brno. Recently, the development of a small resort. Near Brny in Istruga bay mud, which is not used loosely unorganized.

At the point of entry into the bay where the hotel is just swimming for swimmers (part natural rock platters of artificially modified – metal stairs into the sea). In neighborhood nice beaches in small coves – pebbles, sand, pine wood. Before coast between Brno Prižba several islands (Vrhovnjak, Sridnjak, Stupa and others), in which the possibility of a nice swim.

Accommodation is available at Feral and privacy.