Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula


Extremely nice sandy beach

Agricultural and fishing village (1100 inhab.), Center stonemasons and sculptors, 6 km southeast of the town of Korcula. Lumbarda is located between the bays on the east Bili grief and sorrow Prvi the west, on the west side of the slope above sea level lies the old part of the village.

In the vicinity of the red sands Lumbardského polje grown grapes, here comes an excellent white wine Grk.

In the last 40 years, Lumbarda became calm, pleasant resort. In its vicinity are extremely nice sandy beach with povlovným access to the sea, suitable for families with children, such as Southeast shallow sandy bay Pržine (also Przina).

Lumbarda has an old tradition of stone, is the birthplace of several major Croatian modern sculptors. Lumbarda is working on his farm and primitive forms known sculptor Ivan Jurjević-priest.

Lumbarda has a beautiful swimming on the sandy beaches (fine sand) Bay Pržine povlovným with access to the sea, or on nearby beaches or small islands.

For all water sports has Lumarda excellent conditions (sailing, windsurfing, underwater fishing, diving). Marina.

A popular folk celebration is “trganja Naranca” at harvest oranges, accompanied by songs, dances and old customs. Lumbarda is known as a community with live folk tradition. On 8.16 is holding a major folk festival in honor of St.. Rocha (Sveti Rok). Various entertainment programs are organized throughout the year.