Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula

Pupnatska Luka

Pupnat. Wine, rakija, oil, fruit, honey, sausages and prosciutto

The picturesque inland village in the eastern part of the island of Korcula, 11 km west from the town of Korcula, is situated on the main island road. Pupnat has nearly 500 residents.

Surroundings Pupnatu is very fertile, cultivated with vines, fruit, vegetables, olive trees. Tourists come here from Korcula like to buy local agricultural products: wine, brandy, oil, fruit, honey, sausages, smoked ham

Ports Pupnatu the village priest (see the Racisće) on the north coast of the island accessible by foot (3.5 km) by car or from a branch before the town of Korcula and local roads along the northern coast of the island. Recently, there grew up houses and villas with apartments for tourism. There are possibilities for a nice swim pebble beaches and water sports.

Toward the southern coast is the old narrow road that actually continues in parallel with newer roads inland and traverses the slopes of the coast and the main road connects the village lines. It provides beautiful views of the island of Lastovo and numerous large and small romantic bay with a nice outlying beaches. The narrow winding road is full of holes and bumps, but it can be completed with caution and without a field car.

Pupnatska meadows with beautiful beaches

Some bays lead breakneck dirt road or a footpath, others are accessible only from the sea, boats accordingly. Is one of the most beautiful former harbor Pupnatu, Pupnatska luka with beautiful beaches.

Beaches on the south coast (Bay Bačva, Pupnatska Luka, Smokva, rip) is one of the most beautiful on the island. They keep them from Pupnatu pedestrian path (Bačva, Smokva), and some can get the local roads by car (Pupnatska Luka). Bathing is a convenient and partially Kneža sandy bay on the northern coast of the island.