Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula


The famous wine “Pošip”

In this small village is a little more than 1,000 residents, and coming to the island by road (from Korcula town is located 29 km). The village is situated on the southern slope of the hill at high vast fields of vineyards where the grapes are grown “Pošip”. Here is a modern winery for the production and implementation of the same name, famous wines.

Great Neo-Romanesque church Purification of the Virgin Mary was built in 1920 according to plans by O. Ivekovica the site of an older church. For him, the Baroque lodge surrounded on all sides by columns. In several aristocratic summer residences, and there is a few modest early medieval churches. The place has cultural and artistic association Ante Chepharhaammonai, which is dedicated to local music and folklore Company.

Along the side road to the south is coming to two bays covered with pine trees, the larger of which tingles the hotel, a number of newly constructed small guest houses and holiday houses, and neighboring Istruga the mud for rheumatic complaints.

The road continues along the southern coast to the west and leads through the tourist apartment complex Prišćapac with beautiful beaches, the bays along Prižba and Grscica, where in addition to hotels in the pine forest are numerous guest houses and family homes. From there the road leads towards the north and the interior of the island to the big city of mud.