Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula
Vela Luka


Olive oil

Collection of olive and olive oil production in the Vela Luka on Korcula island and a long tradition. Generations of local residents annually collect olives from the slopes of the local hills and manufactures one of the best olive oils in the world.


Almost every household on the island is in some way connected with hunting fish. Individual fishing is indeed now being replaced by industrial catching fish, but every day you can see many of the local fishermen to sail to sea to catch fish. The coves around Vela Luka can easily catch squid anebomenší fish.

Island of Love

In Velalušké bay is a smaller island Osjak, otherwise also named as the island of love. Why had such a name, you have to convince yourself. Just go by boat to a small romantic trip.

Vela spilja

110 meters above the town is a prehistoric caves with magnificent views of the sea and sunset. There can be reached by car, there were found many vyykopávek of the life of Neanderthals. Suitable trip

Hum Hill and the prospects for Italian coast

By car, bike or walk to direct the hill Hum, more than 400 m highest point of the island. If favorable weather, and the probability is high when Vela Luka is more than 300 days of sunshine, you will not regret fantastic prospects Vela Luke, on the island of Korcula, Hvar, Brac, Peljesac, Croatia on the continent and on the Italian shores.

The birthplace of Marco Polo in Korčula

Large, well-known story tradition navigator Marco Polo. Apparently he was born in Korcula. It says his birthplace, all you can see, the best on a day trip to Kočuly. Purchase souvenirs there, you have a good lunch and a drink, watch the cold winds of Korcula Vela Luka is not …

Beautiful beaches on the island Proizd

20-30 minutes of Vela Luka on the boat, on the boat. Again, the best day trip to the beach, you will not see even in the movie. Color of the sea, the white stones on the coast of the island Proizd is better to spend such a day than read about him.