Vela Luka – Ostrov Korčula
Vela Luka

Cave Vela spilja

Vela špilja – Great Cave, which is located on a hill Pinsky rat, 130 m above the bay of Vela Luka, has an area of ​​1200 m2. It is dry, quite light because two holes in the ceiling to the penetrating light enough to work and stay. After first began probing real archaeological survey in 1952 and led it to a celebrity Croatian archeology Grga Novak.

Professional survey, however, conducted only since 1974. Now been professionally examined around 200 m2 cave, a substantial part of the cave exploration lies ahead.

This cave is famous for its numerous prehistoric findings, which indicate the nature and continuity of life on the island. Found significant material that makes up more than half a million fragments of ceramic vessels and tens of thousands of stone artifacts is stored in the Cultural Centre (Centar for Culture) in Vela Luka. The most interesting part of the found artifacts are exposed and open to the public on designated exhibition area.

The front of the cave is a wonderful view of the islands Ošijak, Vis and Hvar. You can watch the sunsets. The cave is accessible means of transport or as a stop when riding a bike or walk around.

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